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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

about my bzdy larh

  Last tuesday,after back from school my friend bring me to taman mutiara for celebrate my bzdy.
Then,i'm saw they bring 15eggs n 2 pack of large flour.They asked me to sitting on a chair at the park.
They sing a song happy bezday for me,i am feel very happy about that.After they singing for me,they threw flour and eggs to me.We played a flour and eggs,all my friend shirt dirty but we feel very happy.
  Yeahh!!,it's very happy day to me and i hope next year all my friend celebrate my bzdy more fun from these year.

  After back from school,i to library with my friend.We find ingredients to meke history folio.Than we want to photostat but the place to photostat closed.I out from library and go to CityPlaza.We went to play bowling.
after that we go to McD for lunch,after luch i go back to home.

#tataw laa aq tulis ni betoi ka dk,aq buh apa yg aq taw jaa..bubye

Saturday, 10 March 2012

first try ni not for my school project,jng nk komen bahasa BI aq!! otak xbetoi sket!

Ello ello!

Today i waked up early in 6.00am,i went to TAMAN RIMBA for jogging..
after back from tmn rimba,i ride a motorcycle(betoi la kot) then i saw a DOG!
i chased the dog with motorcycle,i speed in 80km/h in the village(kampung pumpong),i chased it hardly but it's more speedy n powerfull then my moto! its SO FUNNY! (i juz lie larh)
Really i want go to AIMAN SYIRON 'tok's punya's' house..
i arrived the place,but aiman not at home,i'm feel very TOUCHING!

After that incident,i go to 2syen for 'LEPAK2' with ZUL,i don't have 2syen today but he has..
Then,i go to tok's AIMAN 'punyas' house again,but his cousin said to me,he go to CC(CYBER CAFE daa)
i also go there n i found he at the CC td...

After that,i asked he(ank SYIRON) go to my tok's punyas house!
We play a GUITAR together n it's very FUN becouse i 'hantok' he head with my GUITAR..

Than,we go to take a picture together,we 'LEPAK' at 'The River'(buku poem punya) for relaxing my mind..
Than i raising so hight,out ta my mind let it rain over me...
Then,when a rain want to TUQON we go to ZUL's house,i used his laptop for ON9 my FB(MukaBuku)

Day want to KELAM,
And now i start my motor go back to my tok's house pulak..
i off9 erly becouse 'ARI NK UJAN'
I want to sleep!